History of ATG Sports…

Founded in 1980 by Paul Driver, ATG Sports Industries, Inc. (originally named American Track Graphics) striped athletic running tracks, football fields and tennis courts. Realizing there was a great demand for qualified manufacturers and installers, ATG rapidly expanded into sports surfacing.

Paul Driver started ATG Sports with one uncompromising rule. This rule is to manufacture and install the best athletic surfacing with the longest life span and least maintenance possible. This philosophy was true in 1984 when ATG Sports built the Wichita State University track and is still true today.

ATG Sports has numerous top quality installations in three Countries at top Universities, Colleges, Junior Colleges, Community Colleges, Private Schools and School Districts. The success of ATG Sports is largely based on its continuous research and development of new ideas, products and installation methods. The results of this work have improved our products while reducing the cost to the consumer. Some of the surfaces are less expensive today than they were 10 years ago.