O'Fallon Field...

Before construction, ATG Sports reviewed the existing layout of the entire stadium. Plans were made to demolish the existing track and move the earth on the visitors side to allow more room for the new design to take shape. ATG Sports accepted the task of completing the entire stadium in 60 days to allow the school to host their first scheduled home football game. Demolition began two days after the contract was signed. The home bleachers, press box, concession stand, track, lighting, fencing, and field events were removed. These structures were crumbled quickly and work progressed immediately on the new additions.

Construction Update: 20 Days

ATG Sports redesigns existing drainage system to provide a new storm sewer system that will allow for the site to drain up to 10 inches of rain per hour. This system allows for no cancellations.

New bleacher and press box are installed to accommodate 2500 home fans. These bleachers add seating for 1,000 more fans than the former bleachers.

Construction Update: 30 Days

Synthetic turf field is unveiled as crews install 50 yard line. Crews sew every seam with high strength yarn. Our crews work carefully to deliver an outstanding product for you to appreciate and enjoy.

Construction Update: 40 Days

Track, Concession Stand/Restrooms and Tennis Courts were also added to this project.

ATG designs and installs four new USTA Tennis Courts as part of the school's improvements.

Construction Update: 50 Days

All Aspects of this project are taking shape and moving along smoothly. We pride ourselves in working with the schools and sub-contractors to provide your project with the most time effecient manner possible. We stop at nothing to deliver the best service to you.

The finishing touches are added to the synthetic turf field and stadium.

Completed Project

ATG adds the finishing touches to the field and to the concession and restrooms building.

With days remining before the first home football game, the field is nearing completion. The local newspaper ran numerous stories on theis high profile project and feared it would not be ready in time for the first game. As promised, the job was finished with days to spare to allow practice on the synthetic turf before play action begins. With no time-outs left, the O'Fallon stadium gears up for the home opener.