Artificial Turf Products

SuperTurf and RamTurf: ATG’s Commitment to Value

Let’s face facts: Everybody wants a good deal, a value for their money. ATG Sports artificial turf surfaces will always be better, safer and, in most cases, far less expensive than natural grass. You may think this is impossible, but consider that almost every school has to limit the amount of use to their field or suffer playing on hard dirt or mud for most of the season.  In fact, the center of most fields, and much of the sidelines, end up as mud anyway.

Some costs of a natural grass field…

  • Water Costs
  • Striping for Football
  • Spring Fertilizing
  • Green Fertilizing
  • Striping for Soccer
  • Equipment
  • Plugging
  • Weed Control
  • Sodding
  • Sprinklers

You obviously already know about those, but did you consider the other costs?

  • Cleaning and Replacing Uniforms
  • Injuries
  • Employee Time
  • Sprinkler Maintenance
  • Blowing Sprinkler Lines
  • Employee Retirement Costs
  • Field Setup
  • Equipment Repair & Replacement
  • Limited Use
  • Need for a 2nd and 3rd Field
  • An Alternate Venue

ATG Sports polled several schools for the costs of their natural grass field.  Schools reported costs to maintain their grass playing field between $39,000 to $60,000 per year and about 50% more for each practice field.

Schools surveyed had 900 or more high school students.

So what is the cost of ATG Sports Turf?

Converting an existing field from grass to turf will require a minimum of earth removal, rock, and new drainage and, of course, the turf system.  The average project cost for the area between the two end zones is $5.80 per square foot or about $430,000.  Most owners also cover part or all of the D-shaped areas at each end at an additional cost.

What Savings come with ATG Sports Turf?

Clearly there is not the expensive maintenance of natural grass with artificial turf. The length of time in which turf pays for itself depends on how much use it gets.  For the first time ever, your field becomes a true multiuse facility for all school students instead of reserved for a few games and practices.  Usage of the field can be 24 hours a day with an unlimited number of uses from Physical Education to Graduation ceremonies.


Click here to watch our turf in action to see how safe it really is...

Not too long ago schools could argue that playing on sparse grass and compacted earth was the only option, therefore, the safest option. This is no longer the case. The percent of schools changing to quality artificial turf such as ATG Sports Turf is increasing as it is viewed to be a much safer alternative.  It is likely that 50% of schools with 1000 or more students will have artificial turf within five years.


ATG Sports uses only the best materials which makes it easy to also provide the best warranty.  For more than 20 years ATG has stood 100% behind every product sold.  ATG Sports has seen many competitors come and go, most within two to ten years after startup (just about the longevity of most of our current competitors). We feel history is the best proof of warranty and ATG’s history is the best in the business.